Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A long over due update from DAA

I am so sorry the blog has been so quiet for so long. :(  School has been pretty busy.  For the last 5 weekends we have either been gone from school on regional trips, or busy with organized and planned weekends.  I'm sorry the pictures are a little mixed up but I will explain as we go.

On the weekend of the 28th of April we had our boys' and girls' club weekend.  
We had soooooo much fun just us 28 girls!  We had a camping trip with lots of little fun activities along the way.
We went to a sandbar on the Missouri River for Saturday afternoon. 

On April 20th we had a church regional in Williston.  It was very hot that day, so when we got back to school we were all ready to be out in the nice cool breeze!
Everyone brought out something they enjoyed doing and we had a party on the front lawn.

These next few pictures are from our girls' club weekend again.  ( Sorry they are mixed up )
Sundown worship on Friday evening.

These are from the beach on Saturday.

These next few pictures are some I took one morning as the sun was coming up.  They are just some pictures of faculty lane and the school.

The other day it was so nice outside, so the band kids talked Mr. McCombs into taking band outside. :)

These are some more of our girls' club
weekend at the beach.

This last weekend we had another church regional in Rapid City.  It was a long drive, but we got out of school on Friday, and then made it into a field trip.  We went to a museum in Rapid, then out to Mount Rushmore.  Then we closed out the day with supper at Custard State Park.

The students of Dakota Adventist Academy!