Friday, August 9, 2013

Tri-County fair, and Church camp out

It seems like just yesterday that Tabby, Jody, and I were all getting home from school and were all ready to start another exciting summer, but here it is time to start school again on Monday, and we're all wondering where this summer has gone!  As I was going through my pictures looking for some to send you all in a blog I couldn't believe the lack of pictures from this summer.  I am sorry there hasn't been enough blogs on, but my camera has not been as busy as it should be.  I has sat quite idol way too much.  but I did find a few from July that I hadn't put on the blog so here they are.
These pictures are from our Tri-County fair in Wishek.  It seem to go so much slower than I ever remember it going.  But I guess it was because I wasn't in the fair this year.  Jody and I aren't in 4-H any more so I was something different for us to watch instead of participate.  Janae, and Paul did quite well though.  They both got a few champions and reserve champions.  It was a great day!
Also later on that day us 4 kids went up to beaver Lake State Park for our annual church camp out.  We stayed Friday night with some great friends and had a blast playing in the water before the sun went down.  Then next morning we had church and were very blessed by Angelica Miller's talk of her year as a student missionary in Poland.  It made for a busy, but great weekend!  

Proverbs 21:2  Every way of a man is tight in his own eyes:but the Lord pondereth the heart.